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What you can do with Square for WooCommerce

What you can do with Square for WooCommerce?

The arrival of WooCommerce made it possible for any WordPress website to start an e-commerce store. Within a short span of time it became one of the most popular and most used ecommerce platforms on the web. With Square joining WooCommerce the amalgamation leaded to a lot of advantages which made it even better.

Square is the POS (Point-of-Sale) solution for Woo-Commerce users. It is available for free download on Google Play and the App Store & could be run on mobiles and tablets for digital receipts, reports of sales, inventory checks and much more.

After being voted as the most requested change on the WooCommerce support site, Square made a dashing entry to WooCommerce as an extension. Square and WooCommerce working together became the delight of online retailers which now allows them to manage online purchases and offline payments all in sync creating a huge benefit for omnichannel businesses. So how does this benefit WooCommerce users?

  • Square gives a single platform to track in-store and online payments eliminating the need to managing multiple systems. Accepting and processing payments on WooCommerce e-store with Square is easy as pie.
  • Square allows online stores to accept credit cards without the need of using two different payment gateways for online and offline payments.
  • You can now automatically sync your product library on your WooCommerce store and Square thereby saving your time. SKUs, images, product description or details, product pages or anything you change in your WooCommerce store or Square is updates simultaneously on the other by ticking a simple check box.
  • Managing an up-to-date inventory and stock can be a tedious task for online retailers. Manual inventory tracking consumes a lot a time and incurs expenses. With the Square integration’s inventory sync feature you can take do it all in just one go. It allows you to sync your inventory and once a product status is updated it gets automatically updated at both the places. For instance if you just sold the last piece of a particular product at your store at that moment WooCommerce and Square both will automatically make it not available for your online customers.
  • Tracking sales in 2 separate lanes can be quite challenging in terms of time and effort. With the integration now, sales dashboard on Square lets you track all the sales channels uniformly, immediately and in one place!

Now, how to make use of all these wonderful features for your online business? All you need is a WooCommerce store. Just go to Integration and Connect with Square! You may check more here.

For troubles in applying the extension, you may login with support.

Idea board for Square is an amazing space where you login ideas you think may benefit this juncture!

Are you a online retailer quite excited with the read? We would be happy to assist you for creating your e-store using WordPress or for WooCommerce support or for the interesting & useful Square-WooCommerce integration or for any services online for ecommerce, ask us right now!!

Should you use free WordPress theme?

Should you use free WordPress theme?

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the web today. The flexibility and ease of use it provides as a platform has made some of the big companies, large media and publishing house use WordPress for developing their online presence. Having zeroed in on WordPress to build your website was an easy task. The real challenge is to select a theme which concurs with your business goals and your brand.

It’s quite human to gravitate towards the lucrative Free WordPress themes for your website. The general ideology says why to pay for something when it’s available for free plays it part over here. Before you go ahead and take the decision of going for the free basic themes only to regret it later, read this post to understand why it is wise to invest on a professional theme for WordPress and not to fall for the free basic themes.

  1. Not just professional looks

    The free themes comes with bare minimums which might sound suffice to you to start with, however that will soon change once you see the limitations it puts on you and your business’s image online.

    A good website has got more to it other than just visual appeal. A website should have all the features such as Mega Menus to add more navigation to your website, AJAX for a superior user experience, a wide array of widgets and sliders an area where the free themes fail miserably.

  2. Classy Looks

    Looks does matter especially when we are facing stiff competition to stand out as a brand in a crowded market. Not to forget the rich aesthetics that a professional theme endows your website which will make your brand leap out among your competitors on the web.

  3. Support (very important)

    Website maintenance is of extreme importance in order to keep your website updated, especially if yours is an online business. At a time when number of customers making online search before buying a product is at its peak and still growing at lightning speed a reliable technical support will keep your business engine humming with life.

    If you thought you can do without any technical support, think again. Does CSS/HTML/PHP or Javascript sounds alien to you? Then you do need a strong technical support to combat any technical glitches.

  4. Responsive Design (Mobile Friendly WebDesign)

    Browsing the internet and looking for information online has become second nature to the mobile generation. To make the browsing experience more favorable to the mobile audience Google introduced the mobile friendly/responsive website as mandatory element for better rankings. A free theme does not come with a guarantee of a highly developed responsive theme.

    A complicated of difficult to navigate menu and other elements can have a major impact on your mobile audience which now comprises of 52% of the global internet users.

  5. Cost

    All these advantages mean a very high cost. If this is what you have been thinking all these while let me break this news to you. Professional theme does not require you to break the bank in order to get one. There are numerous themes available on themeforest which are affordable and worth the cost since a website is one of the most valuable marketing asset you are going own for a long time.

    Now that you have a good idea on why pay for themes, you might require the assistance to perform the design. Hiring a developer, checking with him what theme he uses, taking a look at his earlier designs, installing WordPress a good host, installing the theme, doing the right coding, launching the site on https, all of these require an expert service; looking for one? Ask us right now, at QeHTML!