optimizing your WordPress site for mobile users

The way we search on the web has transformed. People these days majorly search on mobile. So, if you’re not optimizing your store for mobile visitors, you’re losing potential customers.

Since Google has already rolled out Mobile-first Indexing, it’s high time you should optimize your WordPress website. Optimizing will not only give your customers a better user experience but also increase your chances to rank higher in the SERPs.

6 ways to optimize your WordPress site for mobile users

1. Get behind responsive

Responsive design is important. But optimizing your WordPress site for mobile users shouldn’t just remain to be responsive. All it does is to move your content around small screens which might hamper your user experience. One thing you need to understand that mobile users see things differently than desktop users. Hamburger menu, AMP pages, improving the render start time are some measures you can take for your optimizing your WordPress website for mobile users.

2. Consider a mobile app

Having a mobile app besides the desktop is the need of the hour.  Optimizing your WordPress website for mobile users doesn’t mean taking your readers to read on a smaller screen. It means you’re understanding your reader’s behavior and giving them all they need while being on the go. A mobile app gives you the freedom to update your website easily. If you’d like to optimize your blogging process to mobile, try installing WordPress mobile app.

The app is available for Android and iOS. Hence, you can use it effectively no matter which operating system you’re using. Inside the app, you can read, write, edit content even if you’re sitting seven overseas away from your computer. It is handy, effected and manages everything of your website.

Editing via a mobile site will help you understand your customers better. By becoming a mobile user yourself, you can understand your reader, their behavior, their problems, better.

3. Speeding up for mobile site

People these days have a short attention span. They are low on patience and have a better understanding website trends. So, needless to say having a fast loading website increases chances of conversion. Faster load time increases conversions and decrease bounce rates and provides a smoother user experience.

4. Optimize your plugins and themes

Bad plugins and themes can make your website die a slow death. If you’re seeing a major slowdown in your website, try updating all the themes and plugins. Once you’ve found the problem, you can either optimize it or leave it like that.

5. Refrain from committing common SEO mistakes

SEO (search engine optimization), if done well can do wonders for your business but, if not done properly can cause havoc.

Google helps those who are striving towards enhancing their mobile SEO.

Choosing wrong keywords, keyword stuffing, publishing plagiarized content, skipping title tags, meta descriptions etc are some common SEO mistakes you need to avoid.

6. Choosing a great web host

Choosing a great website host is important to optimize your WordPress site for mobile users. You might get baffled to know many business owners work on cheap hosting services and then complain about slow loading speed. Shared servers can have hundreds of sites loading. So at one of time if one site loads at a lightning speed, the other might slow down.

You should choose a right web host. If your host is not performing well, everything else is just a cover-up. Managed WordPress hosts have been around for years and they specialize in caching your website in a WordPress environment. The reason you pay a web host is they will take the pain of optimizing the website on their shoulders.

Optimizing your WordPress site for mobile users

The latest research shows you simply can’t afford to ignore visitors to your WordPress site from mobile devices. It is interesting to know that the average amount of hours spent on mobile has now overtaken desktop. People have started using a mobile app and mobile browser more than desktop.

Optimizing your website for mobile users is the need of the hour. WordPress is making it easier and easier to do this. By following the above tips, you’ll have a WordPress website that attracts audience of your niche.