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WordPress security issues is an alarming topic of interest today mainly because google algorithms get stronger every now and then to rank the sites based on how secure they are! You simply can’t afford to make even a single security breach that may cause you a permanent defamation and a bad search engine rank.


There are some shocking facts to let you know why WordPress security matters a lot,

  • 800000 banking credentials were stolen from WordPress sites two years ago
  • Slider revolution plugin was vulnerable to attacks due to which 100000 WordPress sites were hacked
  • Infamous less traffic sites also get hacked! WordPress vulnerabilities may range anywhere between mild and devastating; nevertheless every single aspect of security is absolutely warning!

Always be proactive and not reactive when it comes to WordPress security because raising up from a security breach fall can be close to impossible. To talk on a few WordPress security tips.

  • Ensure to follow the best practices of security always. Strictly follow the security updates and never miss to update the new version whenever you notice a message on the same.
  • Well written plugins won’t break when you update WordPress. So be warned of those weak plugins or theme that you see getting affected by WordPress update!
  • WordPress shows you a password strength meter; ensure to check and adjust your password to be the strongest!
  • Don’t use anything that can be easily expected. Never use ‘admin’ as administrator username
  • Don’t lavishly use the admin account but restrict its usage only for those actions needing admin rights. Editing rights are good enough to work with content. Aren’t they? Also keep in mind not to give everyone everything; just give the needful; an admin and an editor need not have the other person privileges.
  • Never keep sensitive information in mails. Mails get hacked for such details and results in extremely detrimental situations.
  • Make sure your security plugin can detect weak aspects of your site security
  • Make sure your plugin can lock the login once logged in, to disallow multiple logins
  • Your plugin should serve IP blocking, have all the firewall features, should keep the database and files secure

Many of us use the same popular plugins thus making way for the hackers to explode millions of websites by picking up one vulnerable site. You need a powerful solution here! Managed hosting services at WordPress are expensive but they help a huge deal in ensuring your site security. They either push updates to you or do it by themselves and are preferred over shared services. They provide a dedicated WordPress malware scanning and firewall service, in addition to trashing down the known threats. Moreover they support you online all 24/7.

iThemes Security Pro is one of the famous WordPress security free and premium plugin,

  • iThemes Security Pro tackles threats by way of,
    • Enforcing strong passwords
    • Making two factor password authorization possible
    • Offering out of office capability when there’s a single admin user
    • Monitoring file edits and reporting to you
    • Offering a free version for your test.

To find out more such plugins, come back for our next article on the Top WordPress Security Plugins to enhance your WordPress security.

Should you have any questions till now, experts at QeWebby are here to help; ask us now for a free report.